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adminfu November 05, 2020

Vaping Vs. Smoking Cannabis: Which One’s Better For You?

Are you still smoking your marijuana? Marijuana users claim vaping the herb might be a better and healthier alternative to it. In fact, in the last few years, vaping has become a lot more common way of consuming cannabis. The research on its long term effects on your health is still ongoing. But the trends […]

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adminfu October 27, 2020

HalloWEED is here! Keep These Things in Mind to Enjoy it to The Fullest

Festival season is upon us. And the first one on the way is Halloween. How about we add a little cannabis touch to it? Cannabis can surely enhance your Halloween fun twofold. With cannabis-infused candies and spooky marijuana costumes, you can make the time extremely enjoyable and memorable for yourself as well as your loved […]

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adminfu October 24, 2020

4 Tips to Ensure The Success of Your Cannabis Tolerance Break

Regular cannabis dosage not working for you? Before you go and beat up your supplier for giving you a bad bud, wait a minute. Are you sure it’s the fault of your marijuana bud? Or is it your own body, the culprit? It might be the latter! If you are consuming cannabis for a long […]

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adminfu October 15, 2020

4 Effective Ways to Talk to Your Doctor About Cannabis

Cannabis has lived under the shadow of stigmatization for decades. It took many years for people to understand that there’s more to cannabis than psychoactive effects. Slowly and steadily the long-decade stigma was shoved outside and legalization prevailed in more than 33 US states. However, the rules and regulations associated with cannabis make it difficult […]

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adminfu October 09, 2020

5 Most Important Tips For Every First-Time Marijuana Consumer

The popularity of the cannabis plant in the US is at its all-time high now. The research on the herb has proved its potential in helping people with various medical ailments. Given this, millions of people currently have a medical marijuana card and are using the herb to manage their debilitating conditions. However, if you […]

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adminfu September 29, 2020

Vaping Marijuana – How it Works, Benefits & More

Trying to stop smoking? You are not alone. About 7 in 10 smokers say they want to quit. Clearly, stopping smoking is one of the healthy habits to adopt. Medical studies show that not only smoke but secondhand smoke can also cause a wide range of health issues. In the past years, vaporizers have gained […]