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adminfu September 29, 2020

Vaping Marijuana – How it Works, Benefits & More

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Trying to stop smoking? You are not alone. About 7 in 10 smokers say they want to quit. Clearly, stopping smoking is one of the healthy habits to adopt. Medical studies show that not only smoke but secondhand smoke can also cause a wide range of health issues.

In the past years, vaporizers have gained popularity as an alternative to smoking. Using your medical marijuana card, you can buy different types of vape cartridges, concentrates, and flowers. But, the question is—is vaping really safer than smoking? Let’s learn about how vaping works, benefits, and more.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of inhaling the vapors generated by a special device called a vaporizer. The vapors contain active ingredients of marijuana, such as THC, CBD, and terpenes.

There’s a wide range of options available in vaporizers. You can buy dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. There’s a wide range of sizes and shapes of vaporizers available in the market. A portable vape pen comprises various parts-

  • Mouthpiece
  • Tank or cartridge
  • Atomizer
  • Power button
  • Battery

There are many factors you should consider when buying a vaporizer. For instance, the type and battery capacity influence the heat up time and lifespan.

How Does it Work?

Although there’s a wide range of vaping devices available in the market, the basic process is the same i.e. heating cannabis at a low temperature to generate vapors. If you are using a vape pen, here are the steps to use it-

  • If your vaporizer has a separate cartridge, ensure that the battery is charged. The cartridges should be connected to the battery tightly. Some vape pens allow temperature control, thus you can set the desired temperature.
  • Turn on the vape pen operation by pressing the button. Start slowly initially and increase gradually to reach maximum intake. This way, you can avoid the overheating problem, thus preserving ingredients that are heat sensitive.
  • Losing the vapor flavor and taste is the sign of running low on vaping oil. Additionally, some low-quality batteries can cause overheating issues, thus degrading cannabinoids faster.
  • After the vaping session is over, simply switch off the device and keep it to a safe place.

Major Benefits of Vaping

It Occurs at a Low Temperature

When you smoke cannabis, the cannabinoids are exposed to a high temperature. Due to the combustion process, a wide range of toxins and free radicals are generated, which are harmful to lung health. Vaping doesn’t combust the substance, thus generating fewer toxins.

According to the American Lung Association, marijuana smoke may deliver more tar in the system than tobacco smoke. This is probably due to the fact that people who smoke marijuana inhale deeper.

When you vape cannabis, the substance is heated to a low temperature to extract THC, CBD, and other chemical compounds present in marijuana. So, you are at a much lower threat of negative effects.

According to a study published in the Harm Reduction Journal in 2017, vaping marijuana can help reduce respiratory problems associated with smoking.

Vaping Maximizes Potency

When you smoke cannabis through a joint or water pipe, more than half of the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. are burned. This reduces the efficiency of marijuana. Since temperature is much lower in the case of vaping, cannabinoids are utilized properly, thus providing more potent effects.

Smoke may be rough on the lungs. But, vaping allows you to consume water vapors, which are absorbed easily. Unlike smoking, you won’t require deep inhalation. Additionally, you are able to get off the strong odor of cannabis combustion.

Customized High

By doing the right temperature settings, you can adjust the release of vapors and intensity of high. When you vape at a high temperature, more cannabinoids are released, thus providing more potent effects. If you are looking for mild effects, set the temperature to a low position. And, to receive the maximum potency of cannabis, go for the highest temperature. But, don’t go beyond 229 degrees C because it will diminish the taste and potency of the herb. Remember, everyone’s condition is different, thus requires customized medicinal effects to ease their symptoms. Talk to your doctor to seek professional help for vaping.

Save Money

Vaping can help you save money in the long-run. To get started, you need not buy an expensive vape setup. Purchase a reasonable one instead. There’s a wide range of options available in vaporizers, so make sure you do comprehensive research to get what you want.

A vaporizer can help you deliver more cannabinoids in the body. Vaping is reasonable as compared to smoking. Just imagine the costs of wraps, papers, bongs, pipes, etc. You are actually wasting a lot of money on low-grade high.

Is it Safer Than Smoking?

When you vape cannabis, smoke isn’t generated. So, vaping doesn’t produce harmful chemicals, it is considered safer than smoking. Research says that vaporization produces fewer carcinogens, the reason is the combustion of the substance doesn’t occur. When cannabis is burned, over 100 toxins are generated, which can lead to lung irritation and other health issues.

Contrary to that, a recent study shows that vaping THC oil can cause problems for lung health. It’s due to inhaling vitamin E acetate when vaping cannabis oil containing THC.

According to the CDC, people should avoid e-cigarettes and vaping marijuana products, especially the ones with THC.

Since there’s no strong evidence available on the risks of vaping, many medical experts say that it is safe to use.

Get MMJ Recs Online

In 33 US states, medical marijuana is legal. To access cannabis legally, you must be diagnosed with a medical condition that is included in the list of MMJ qualifying conditions. To get a medical marijuana card, you must visit a licensed doctor and get verified. The doctor will check your eligibility for MMJ recs. For verification purposes, they may ask you to show your medical history. Once approved, you will get recs valid for 12 months (in most cannabis legalized states).

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With telemedicine, you can apply for MMJ recs online in just 10 minutes. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF via email

So, you can download the PDF letter and take a printout yourself. The hard copy of MMJ recs will be sent to you via mail in 1-3 business days.

Key Takeaways

With many studies show that cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for various conditions, advanced ways to consume the herb have been discovered. Vaping is a safe method of cannabis delivery, which generates vapors by heating up buds or concentrates. Since the temperature is low, vaping can help preserve the active ingredients, thus providing more potent effects.

Vaping allows you to inhale more cannabinoids, so you can experience strong effects just by taking a few hits. Since there’s no waste of material and cannabis as smoking, vaping can help you save money in the long run. Additionally, by setting the right temperature, you can have a customized vaping experience. Set the temperature to a high position if you want to receive strong effects.

Talk to a licensed doctor to apply for your medical marijuana card today.