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adminfu October 27, 2020

HalloWEED is here! Keep These Things in Mind to Enjoy it to The Fullest

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Festival season is upon us. And the first one on the way is Halloween. How about we add a little cannabis touch to it? Cannabis can surely enhance your Halloween fun twofold. With cannabis-infused candies and spooky marijuana costumes, you can make the time extremely enjoyable and memorable for yourself as well as your loved ones.

However, while a cannabis-based Halloween idea is definitely enticing, you shouldn’t forget the substance can be intoxicating. Medical marijuana doctors say that while enjoying your HalloWEED, there are a few things you must keep in mind to keep it all as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Stay Responsible While Sharing And Storing

Planning on making some cannabis-infused edibles this Halloween? Keep in mind that, while the festival is for everyone, these treats aren’t. You must always serve them responsibly. Make sure no person below the age of 18 gets their hands on them. And do not give them any trick-or-treaters accidentally.

Better still, you should store them with care. Having guests over to celebrate Halloween? Store your edibles in lockable boxes at a place where kids can’t reach them. Additionally, label these treats so that other adults also get a warning.

Going to a Party? Ask For The Permission to Smoke

Okay, this one’s important. You are heading to someone else’s place. And so, no matter how close you are, you must ask for permission to show up with marijuana. You never know who all will be there. Your host might not be comfortable with your herb at this point.

Now, let’s say they give you a thumb’s up, you shouldn’t just barge in there and light up your supplies just anywhere. When you reach there, ask them for a designated place to smoke. There may be people there who may not like it much. And you need to keep your distance from them. 

In the end, carry some extra for others too. Remember, you are going to be in a social setting. And, it’s only good manners to share your bud with others.

Follow The “Low and Slow” Rule

Halloween is, no doubt, an exciting time. But while enjoying the festival with your loved ones, there is always a chance you may cross your marijuana consumption lines. Medical marijuana doctors strictly warn against it. Doctors say that during this time, you must keep your consumption in control. 

Now, while this is a guideline for everyone, you should especially follow it if you are a new user. You have got your medical marijuana recommendation just now. And you surely don’t want to ruin your experience by getting a bad trip from it. Hence, go low and slow.

Beware of Mixing it With Alcohol

Not getting the expected high from cannabis? You may be thinking of adding an alcohol touch to it. But beware! While you might be expecting a stronger high by mixing the two, sometimes it can make everything just fall apart. Medical marijuana doctors say that alcohol in your bloodstream may promote the absorption of THC in it. This means you’ll get high a lot quicker and the effects can be extremely strong. This type of experience can easily make the consumer “green out.”

Never Drive Under Influence

Are you high on cannabis? No matter how important it is, don’t drive. 

Yes, cannabis is legal, but driving under its influence isn’t. And so if you get caught, you may get into some serious legal trouble. Furthermore, it’s not just about legalities, but your well being too. Trust me, the thing you’re rushing for isn’t more important than your life. Cannabis is an intoxicating substance, which has the ability to impair your senses. So, be responsible, and don’t take that steering wheel in your hands after consuming it. The risk isn’t worth it. So, just cancel whatever plans you have. Or else, order a taxi or uber and relax.