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adminfu April 30, 2020

Top Hacks to Improve The Cannabis Bud Quality

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You applied for your medical marijuana grower’s license. In the meantime, you are getting ready to start preparing for a cannabis garden. But how to even start with such preparations? The truth is, even if you put in a little effort, you can harvest cannabis strains quickly. However, such strains won’t be equivalent to top-shelf buds. So, before getting started with the growing part, you must dive deep into understanding different parameters of cannabis growing. All you need is be a little cannabis scientist in your own way, and in no time, you will be ready to harvest quality cannabis buds.

In this article, we will be talking about a few cannabis growing tips to grow quality cannabis buds consistently. So, let’s get started.

Start With Top-quality Seeds

Expecting to harvest a top-shelf product from mid-grade seeds is like hoping for an M&M candy out of a local candy bar. It’s practically impossible. To begin with, you will need a reputable cannabis seed bank for high-grade seeds. Such seeds will help you to produce buds with high potency. And if you want to add colors, you can ask the bank for seeds with specific genetics.

So, switch to a better seed stock to increase your yields without needing to introduce more changes. You can also go for clones for a better yield. But, make sure that you always buy it from a trustworthy source. Before buying your stock, you can do a bit of research yourself. That way, you can understand the plant genetics without any hassles.

Provide Enough Light Hours

If you are looking forward to excellent harvesting time, provide your plant with enough light hours. It would be impossible for buds to grow with good genetics if you don’t give adequate hours of light. Studies suggest that “grow lights” such as HPS, LECs, or LEDs produce highly dense buds. So, using an incandescent bulb won’t do the right job for your growing cannabis plant.

A strong bright light has the power to provide the “necessary food” when your buds enter the flowering stage. It will help you with bud density, potency, and even higher yields.

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Nurture Your Plants With Right Supplements

Before overburdening your plants with supplements, you must understand that providing the correct base nutrient during the flowering stage is the key to harvesting top-shelf strains. Here are a few nutrients that you should not forget to add during the flowering stage. First of all, your plant would require lower levels of nitrogen during the second half of its flowering stage. Overdoing it might hurt your yield or bud production. Then feed your plant with plenty of phosphorus. It will induce flower production in your plant. Lastly, ensure that your plant gets the required amount of potassium for the size and density of cannabis flowers.

Growers must understand that when the plant enters the flowering stage, less is more considering nutrients replenishment. It will improve the taste of your buds. That was the reason you have a medical marijuana grower’s license. Isn’t it? So, once you are done with base nutrients, here is what you can include as a part of cannabis supplementation.

You can add sugars or carbohydrates to improve the taste or smell of your cannabis buds. Then you can think of bloom enhancers that can help your plant amino acids and humic acids. Additionally, there are PK boosters that are loaded with phosphorus or potassium, in case you don’t have a natural way of supplementing these nutrients.

Work on Your Plant’s Terpene Profile

If you want your cannabis buds to taste and smell better, work on its terpene content. You would require a whole new skill to accomplish that. However, to be precise, you will have to work on providing your plants with UV-B light. Use a super soil rich in microbes that will facilitate the production of terpenes. Other than that, maintaining your plant’s growing temperature and humidity for the last six weeks will make a massive difference to your buds. Lastly, smell boosters or sugar-based supplements would do the trick to improve your plant’s terpene profile. 

Temperature and Humidity Matters

If you want to grow cannabis buds with higher potency and quality, try to maintain daytime temperatures around 65-80°F (18-26°C) during the flowering stage. If you are providing CO2, then temperatures around 80-90°F (26-32°C) would work better. But, make sure to go back to the former temperature for the last weeks. On the other hand, night time temperatures should be around 65-75°F (20-24°C). Never go for freezing temperatures as they can damage or even kill your plants.

Let’s talk about humidity now. Maintaining higher humidity during the vegetative phase would drive cannabis towards healthier growth. However, requirements change when your plant enters the flowering phase. In such a time, it will prefer less humidity as anything above that can trigger mold growth. For the best results, experts advise maintaining humidity around 40-50% during the flowering stage. For novice cannabis growers, let me tell you that lower humidity levels would promote trichome production. Don’t forget even a small change in temperature and humidity would make a big difference to your yield.

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Make Room For Air Circulation

Air quality is yet another factor that will contribute to good-quality buds. Airflow and ventilation will help you do just that. So, if you are aiming for one or two plants or mid-size plants, you won’t need anything better than an oscillating fan. However, if you are planning for a cannabis garden, you will need to set up a better airflow for a better exhaust system. That’s how you can easily protect your plants from molds or any other infestations. Imagine, if you have a bad product, your medical marijuana grower license would end up being no use to you. So, beware!!

Master The Art of Drying And Curing

Nothing will work for you if you miss out on this step. Surprisingly what you do after your harvest takes about 50% of the final cannabis buds quality and appearance. Drying and curing are the right way to make your buds smell better with higher potency rates. So, if you don’t pay attention to drying or curing, you might lose your cannabis buds altogether.

Drying buds slowly and cannabis curing in mason jars for approximately four weeks will help tighten your buds. That way, they will be denser. Curing will also help to attain higher potent buds with an incredible smell.

Final Thoughts

Your mistakes won’t kill your plant while growing. But, it can damage your buds’ potency, appearance, and smell. Isn’t that why you choose to consume cannabis in the first place? So, you must consider each of these tips to reduce the chances of losing your cannabis buds’ potency. Although you can grow more with a medical marijuana card, having a medical marijuana grower license will extend your limitations. And then gain knowledge about cannabis growing basics to get started.

Remember, a right growing environment and correct drying/curing practices would help you get high quality or top-shelf cannabis buds. So, get started with your cannabis growing today!