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adminfu February 17, 2020

You can Grow Cannabis in a Little Space. Here are some Tips

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Are you done with your 420 evaluations? Great! Now apply for an MMJ card and you can enjoy all the medicinal benefits of marijuana. But marijuana can be costly. Not everyone can afford it. So what should we do?

Hey, here’s an idea. Why don’t you grow your own weed at home? It can be much cheaper than buying.

Can we do that? You bet, we can do that! In fact, growing marijuana isn’t a difficult task, actually. With some basic training, anyone can do it. 

But some people may say that they don’t have enough space for this at home. Fair enough. So what do we do now?

Well, don’t worry. I’m here to help you.

Actually, tiny and small places aren’t really a problem for cannabis. Given the right nutrients and light, they can thrive in almost every condition. So, every room is capable enough to grow the medicine that your medical marijuana doctor recommended. 

In fact, growing small can have its own benefits. You can grow the plant discreetly, without letting your neighbor know what you are doing. Also, growing small won’t use much noise and smell and thus attract much less attention.

Now let’s see what you need to know to grow cannabis efficiently in a tiny, small space.

1. Basic Requirements

You may use a space of any size, ranging from a grow tent of 2’ X 2’ X 4’ to a giant warehouse, as long as they fulfill these basic requirements.

  • Adequate growth space. The bigger the plant, the better the yields. Ideally, more height is needed than width to keep the plant from getting too close to the light source. 
  • Ventilation. Consider getting an AC or a heater according to the place where you live. Continuous air exchange is necessary for the plant to grow healthy.
  • Sterilization. You gotta keep the place clean. Also, there should be no standing water around the plant. 

Once you get all these things right at your place, you can start your own small cannabis garden.

2. Keep The Plant From Burning

Grow light can be very hot. And therefore they should be kept at a safe distance from the plant. Otherwise, they can burn the buds or leaves. Either the light needs to be kept elevated, or the plants should be kept short through frequent pruning

LEDs can be used for the purpose which produce very less heat, thus allowing the plant to grow closer to the light source. It should be noted that LEDs can also burn the plant, but the risk is quite less as compared to older lights. 

3. Genetics Are Also Important

All plants grow differently. Indicas normally grow shorter and have a denser bud structure as compared to the Sativas. Hybrid has both traits. 

You may prefer Indicas for a tiny and confined place as they will be easy to maintain and will produce better yields. Sativas can also work but will require more maintenance.

You may also try auto-flowering plants that start to flower when they come of age. They also tend to grow small and short.

4. Roots Should Be Healthy

The growing medium is a very important factor affecting the growth of the plant, especially in a confined space. You may use complete or super soils that can provide the plant with all the required nutrients for healthy growth. Also, they allow efficient water storage for plants between the watering cycles.

Keep the soil quantity in the pot enough to prevent root bounding. Frequently check for the exposed roots. If found, consider shifting the plant to a bigger pot.

5. Keep The Climate Optimum

Climate also plays an important role in determining the growth of the plant in a tiny space. A temperature between 70 and 75 degrees and relative humidity of 40-75 percent are ideal for healthy growth. 

Fresh air is also crucial for higher yields. For this, you may use a fan to pull the air from outside into your garden and thus pushing the stale air out. This will give your plants the much-required CO2 for healthy growth.

Now that you know how to grow cannabis efficiently at your home, don’t hesitate to experiment. 

You may also apply for a medical marijuana grower license which will increase your marijuana growing limit to 100 sq ft. which is otherwise only 6 plants per person. 

So what are you waiting for? Start growing now.