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adminfu February 03, 2020

Understanding Cannabis Tampons And If They Work

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In a very short period of time, the movement for cannabis tampons has only increased. To a point that even Harvard has begun to take notice. Cramps fluctuate depending on the person suffering from the pain. Pain perception in every human being is different. 

This variation occurs due to a hormone called prostaglandin. This hormone is produced in different quantities by different people’s uterus. Some produce it in a higher quantity, others not as much.  The people who produce it in a higher quantity are the ones that have more contractions and pains during the first two days of the cycle. 

The reigning way to take care of these issues are stronger medications, heat pads and alternative methods. This is where marijuana tampons make an entrance. Medical Marijuana Doctor like to give this as an option.

What are Marijuana Tampons?

Contrary to what you might think a tampon traditionally looks like, this is not how these tampons work. Marijuana tampons are not real tampons. They are suppositories that are inserted into the vaginal cavity and then melt against your skin. 

The idea is to change the way people going through periods manage pain. These tampons aim to make the body absorb the cannabis.  In theory, this should work like a charm. But does it? Let’s figure out. 


There is a glaring lack of research when it comes to THC or CBD vaginal suppositories. Most people, however, have reported next to miraculous effects that a suppository brings about. For a large number of people,  the shift from pain pills to suppository has already begun to take place.

A person’s response to cannabinoids is dependent on only one thing. That one thing that matters is the way everyone’s ECS responds. So, what works for one person does not necessarily work dor another. 

Apart from managing pain, people use it for another purpose as well. Cannabinoids can help the muscles in the pelvic floor relax and can by extension help reduce pain felt during penetrative sex. 

Market Presence 

Today we will concentrate on the reigning player in the market when it comes to cannabis tampons. Foria Relief cannabis tampons are the biggest sellers of these suppositories in the market. They are like most of the cannabis industry, not FDA approved. 

Though we will get some clarity as Havard Medical School has begun to conduct an observational study of 400 women who began using this suppository in late 2018. 

If you look at the tampon, it consists of 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. All this is in the hope that eventually a clinical trial can take place. 

About Foria Relief 

This is a California -based startup that concentrates on producing cannabis tampons. Unfortunately, if you wanted to snag one for yourself, that might be tough. They are available in limited places and initially were only available in California and Colorado.  

Initially, a 420 Evaluation in the form of an MMJ card was required but as the laws have evolved, there is no need to get a medical marijuana card to get your hands on these tampons. 

You still can’t get your hands on these tampons beyond California and Colorado at present. Also, crossing state lines is also discouraged as any product with THC is still illegal on a federal level.  

How Do I Get Them 

If you are not a resident of these states you can get a medical marijuana grower license and then you can replicate the recipe which is available online if you look for it. 

Suppositories are revolutionising how we deal with pain. Periods can often hinder day to day activities but as legalization of marijuana gains traction, we can hope that better ways to combat the pain can be discovered.