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adminfu August 14, 2020

Tips to buy cannabis from the dispensary

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You just got your medical marijuana card and you’re excited for your first trip to the dispensary? Well, that’s understandable. The herb has a vibe that attracts all. 420 evaluations are getting highly popular because people are increasingly trusting the herb to manage their health. This is a great shift from yesteryears when cannabis was not viewed in a positive light. The legalization process instilled people with a sense that cannabis can actually do good to their bodies. Once you have an MMJ card, you have the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. Well, before you head out to the dispensary, you need to be aware of some basics.

Indicators of Good-quality Flower


The smell of cannabis is an indicator of how good the quality of the flower is. If the flower is cured and cultivated to its highest quality, it will give off a pungent yet pleasant aroma. This smell is typically known as the dank smell that refers to the quality of the flower. You might have heard terms like skunky, piney, and diesely.


A top-quality flower is visibly more attractive than a normal flower. It usually displays a wide variety of colors. Typically most strains can be lime or deep green with red or orange pistils. Plus, you might see colors like bright blue or deep purple. Another measure of the flower’s quality is the presence of trichomes. They are tiny appendages on the flower that hold terpenes which are primarily responsible for the smell or flavor of a particular plant. The more of these glimmery trichomes you can see with the naked eye, the better is the quality of the flower.


The feel a particular bud offers is also a hallmark of the quality of the bud. Typically, a bud should be spongy and a bit sticky when you touch it. The stems should snap and you should be able to break the bud relatively easily. You should also note that the buds shouldn’t be too wet or greasy as this increases the change of developing the mold or fungus.

Flower Structure

Flower structure speaks a lot about the quality of the produce. Sativa flowers are usually fluffy and light in structure while Indicas are more dense and tight. If a particular flower seems too hard, this might be because the growers used growth regulators. This impacts the taste and it is usually unpleasant. If the flower is too fluffy, it means that the flower is not grown under sufficient light and not reached its full growth potential.

Things you should keep in mind while buying from a dispensary

Carry your cannabis ID

When you are planning to buy cannabis for medicinal use, you need to have a medical cannabis recommendation to earn the right to access it. In case, you already have it and you’re planning to visit the dispensary, don’t forget to carry it with you. That’s because the staff at the dispensary will request proof that you have a valid need for medical cannabis. So, the ID serves as that proof and you will get the permission to buy.

Feel free to ask the relevant questions

When you are visiting the dispensary for the first time, it’s natural to have some questions. Don’t think that you’ll be silly asking a simple question. It’s okay not to have full knowledge of everything. Cannabis is something that can be complex to understand. There are hundreds of strains that come with varied effects. So, it can be pretty confusing. The budtenders are not there to judge you but they are there to help you. It’s their job to help people find the best strains based on their preferences.

Ask them the relevant information about a particular strain and the kind of effects it offers. For instance, you might have simple queries like ‘How long does it take to feel high?’, ‘ What are the benefits of this strain?’, or ‘How to operate a vape pen?’. There is nothing to feel awkward about it. The budtender will be more than happy to help you. With their help, you can actually dive into a soothing cannabis experience.

Ensure the payment methods that they accept

It’s important to note that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. So, most dispensaries only accept cash. Online payment is avoided because the bank records that it was used for a cannabis purchase. In spite of this, many dispensaries have found loopholes to accept debit or credit cards. Well, to be on the safer side, you should contact the dispensary in advance and check what methods they expect.

Tell them about your health condition

When you are using cannabis for medicinal purposes, you should inform the budtenders in advance about the same. That’s because they will be able to guide you better keeping your health in mind. There are certain medical conditions that demand more attention. So, you need to be careful about taking the right dose of cannabis. Educate the budtender about what you expect and your experience with cannabis. If you are new to this experience, it’s better if you test the strain for yourself.

How to find the right dispensary for yourself?

1) Do some research

It’s a good idea to conduct some research in advance. There are various dispensaries that have opened after the legalization process. It’s important that you find dispensaries that are certified. Because dispensaries without certification cannot be trusted for the quality. Certified dispensaries source their products directly from certified growers. So, the quality is top-notch.

2) Look at reviews

Go through websites that rate dispensaries. For instance, Yelp gives you a clear picture of a particular dispensary. Pay careful attention to what people have to say about a particular dispensary. Chances are that they might get to talk about their experiences that gives you a glimpse of the kind of services they offer.

3) Check if they are certified

The certification serves as a token of trust that a particular dispensary is genuine. This also ensures that you will get top-quality cannabis that is devoid of any adulterants.

4) Ensure if they have a physical address

You might not want to visit the clinic physically and order it online. So, it’s important that you ensure that the clinic has a physical address. If the clinic does not have that, it means that they are shady and might be trying to dupe you.

You might be excited about visiting the dispensary to source your cannabis supply. Well, just take care of these pointers to ensure you find the one you can trust. Prior to that, just make sure you have a proper interaction with the medical marijuana doctor. They can guide you effectively towards finding the best strains for your health. Additionally, they can introduce you to a safe cannabis experience.