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adminfu August 28, 2020

Struggling With Migraines? Medical Cannabis Can Help

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Looking at the statistics, more than 38 million people in the US are currently living with migraines. If you are one of them, then you know how debilitating the pain can be. Well, 420 evaluations can give you access to cannabis and let you manage the condition with ease. There is enough evidence to suggest that cannabis has the properties to manage migraines.

Well, the challenge is not just about managing migraine, it’s also about other health issues that come with it. This includes vomiting, nausea, and hypersensitivity to light. Most people suffering from migraines experience throbbing pain that is hard to ignore. Thankfully, cannabis can provide you with much-needed relief.

What Are Migraines?

People battling migraines often experience a throbbing head pain that often gets out of control. As discussed earlier, people with migraines also face hypersensitivity to light, vomiting, and nausea. The condition can also cause a problem with orientation and coordination. In severe cases, it can also lead to loss of consciousness and temporary paralysis. Another worrying concern is that the symptoms can last for hours and even days in some cases making the condition hard to manage. The condition can seriously impair your quality of life.

The exact cause of migraines is a bit confusing because there can be various causes. In certain cases, it can also be due to environmental and genetic factors. According to experts, migraine pain occurs in the brain stem which is linked to the trigeminal nerve. This nerve controls pain sensation, signaling, and motor control. Migraine triggers the neurons in the trigeminal nerve which in turn activates the pain receptors. In many cases, experts also believe that migraines might be a result of imbalanced levels of serotonin.

How Can Cannabis Help?

Cannabis is loaded with properties that make it a brilliant mode of therapy for managing migraines. Most prescription medicines that are used for managing migraines come with harmful side-effects. Compared to that, cannabis is natural and works without any side-effects. Along with these, cannabis is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-emetic. This makes cannabis highly effective in managing the pain that comes with migraines. THC is a potent psychoactive agent that delivers a powerful high. It binds with the receptors in the brain to channel a flow of feel-good hormones. As a result, you feel relaxed and pain-free.

This process changes the way your brain responds to pain. It’s important to note pain usually arises from inflammation. So, cannabis works by managing the inflammation.

How Does Cannabis Work in The Human Body?

Cannabis sketches its effects on the human body through the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system. ECS is a network of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids that is spread throughout the human body. When you ingest cannabis, the active compounds THC and CBD bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to trigger the release of feel-good hormones that helps you in relaxing better. Cannabis helps in establishing balance within the body which is known as homeostasis.

There are basically two kinds of receptors in the body: CB-1 and CB-2. THC shows an increased binding affinity to CB-1 receptors in the brain and result in the characteristic high. Similarly, CBD binds with CB-2 receptors in other parts of the body to channel the relaxing effects. Together, these two combine to provide you with relief from the symptoms of migraine. People with migraines often lose their appetite. Cannabis works as a potent appetite stimulator which arises from the fact that the herb triggers the release of a hormone known as ghrelin which is responsible for hunger. As a result, you feel hungry and feel the urge to eat.

Studies That Support The Evidence of Cannabis

In a 2019 study published by the Journal of Pain, shows that cannabis can reduce migraine pain by as much as 50%. It further went to prove that even though your tolerance might increase over time, increased use of cannabis does not complicate the issue related to migraines. Another study conducted in 2019 which was published in Neurology went to prove that around 88% of a sample of 279 patients found relief from headaches. Plus, 50% of people also reported reduced opioid use. So, these studies clearly point towards the effectiveness of cannabis in managing migraines. If you are new to using cannabis, you should get a more detailed insight into using the herb for your health.

420 Evaluations Are The Solution

Cannabis evaluations are designed to assist patients in dealing with burning health issues. The process helps them dive into the relaxing benefits of cannabis on the guidance of certified cannabis doctors. A large part of the credit goes to the legalization process that led to creation of the medical marijuana program. Now, people can get themselves evaluated and get the right line of treatment. When you are planning to manage migraines with the help of cannabis, you need to apply for an evaluation. For that, you have to find a certified cannabis clinic that has the necessary license and certifications.

You might look at the reviews and ratings to gain a better understanding of the clinic’s expertise and reputation. Along with that, take references from your friends or family. Plus, make a list of clinics that have a high rating. You can compare them on parameters like reputation, affordability, and expertise. Naturally, you would choose a clinic that offers a good mix of service and expertise. Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the process to get a cannabis card.

The Process is Simple

Telemedicine has made the entire process very easy. Just follow these steps:

1) Fill up The Form

Start by entering your basic details. This includes your age, documentation, and proof of address, The clinic goes to through your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor.

2) Interact With The Medical Marijuana Doctor

The certified medical cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim is to see if you have a valid qualifying condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. So, the doctor can give you the right line of treatment for managing migraines.

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify, the doctor gives you the license to get the card. The clinic sends you via email and a hard copy as per your request. Due to the pandemic, clinics are avoiding any close contact and sending only online deliveries.

Once you have the card, you can access cannabis legally from the state-certified dispensaries. Cannabis is included in the list of essential items. So, you won’t really have a problem accessing the herb. Make use of online delivery services and stay safe. By managing your migraines with cannabis, you can surely enjoy a better time in quarantine. Just make sure you pay attention to the doctor’s advice and dose safely. There is considerable research in work to see if cannabis can offer effective help against the novel coronavirus. Let’s just hope that everything gets back to normal soon.