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adminfu July 28, 2020

Quick Tips to Keep Your Cannabis Flowers Fresh

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Cannabis is natural medicine. It provides lots of health benefits, such as pain relief, anxiety control, sleep, etc. Research says that it contains over 100 cannabinoids, which work by stimulating the body’s endocannabinoid system.

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With a medical marijuana doctor’s recommendation, you can legally buy high-potency cannabis from the local dispensaries. However, marijuana doesn’t stay fresh all the time, and the buds start degrading over time. So, it’s important to store them properly to maintain their freshness. How to do that? Let’s discuss.

How to Store Medical Marijuana?

There are various factors that affect the degradation of cannabis. When it’s harvested, the degradation process starts. Since it’s no longer a part of the plant, it’s not receiving nutrients from the roots. However, some cannabinoids synthesize into other chemical compounds. For instance, at a high temperature, THCA can turn into THC—the major psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis.

Humidity is another factor that plays a role in degrading cannabis. High levels of moisture in the buds can lead to mold growth. Additionally, you should protect your flowers from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Here are some tips for storing cannabis-

1 Air Control

While cannabis requires oxygen in the growing phase, exposing it to too much air during storage may degrade it. So, ensure there’s the right amount of air inside the storage container to keep the buds fresh.

However, too little air, especially when flowers are dry, can influence the relative humidity. On the other hand, too much oxygen can accelerate the process of degradation. Prolonged exposure of air can result in converting THCA into THC, and then to CBN. CBN is a cannabis compound that doesn’t deliver psychoactive effects as THC.

2 UV Light

UV rays can degrade cannabis over time, thus reducing the potency and taste. Just like they do to a car paint that starts fading & turning grass to brown when exposed to direct sunlight.

According to a study published in the University of London, light is a major factor when it comes to the degradation of cannabis. The researchers suggest that storing marijuana under appropriate conditions can keep it fresh for up to 2 years.

To ensure complete protection from UV light, you can store buds in UV airtight containers.

3 Humidity Factor

The ideal RH level for storing cannabis is between 59 percent and 63 percent. Relative humidity above 65 percent can result in mold buildup while RH below 53 percent will make trichomes brittle.

A salt-based control sachet can help you ensure the right levels of moisture. This type of sachet is designed to maintain humidity levels between 0.55 and 0.65 in a sealed container. Another option is to store in a marijuana humidor box.

4 Temperature Control

It’s recommended to store cannabis in a cool, dark environment below room temperature. The ideal temperature for marijuana storage is 70 degrees F.

High temperatures combined with high RH levels can lead to mold and mildew development. High temperatures dry out buds and may evaporate some terpenes as well. This can change the potency and taste of marijuana.

5 Use Air-Tight Containers

Air-tight containers are designed to protect your cannabis from external forces that degrade it. You can find a wide range of options in glass mason jars. Remember, never store marijuana in plastic containers, because they can make flowers sweat moisture.

So, you should find glass containers that are sealed and can ensure complete protection from air & light.

6 Parchment Papers

Parchment papers are beneficial for long-term cannabis storage because they reduce the damage. Just wrap the flowers in these papers and place them inside the containers. The external forces don’t reach directly to the flowers, thus reducing the chances of break down.

Don’ts For Storing Cannabis

Not storing cannabis appropriately can affect the potency of the buds. This can result in reducing its medicinal properties. Here are some don’ts when storing marijuana-

1 Don’t Store Cannabis With Pipes or Grinders

You should store cannabis and supplies separately. Ash from burnt marijuana can affect other buds in the container.

2 Avoid Using Tobacco Humidor

Usually, tobacco humidors are made from cedarwood. The oils in the wood can alter the flavor of the buds. Moreover, the humidors can affect the relative humidity levels.

3 Don’t Store Marijuana Container Near Appliances That Generate Heat

As discussed earlier, heat can dry out the buds, so it’s not recommended to store your cannabis jar near the stove, microwave device, etc. Store on a shelf, cupboard, etc. instead.

4 Don’t Freeze The Buds

Many believe that freezing cannabis can help maintain its freshness. But, the trichomes can easily break if not handled properly. So, it’s good to avoid this method.

Other Factors to Consider

There’s a wide range of cannabis products with varying levels of cannabinoids. It’s important to note that different products have different guidelines for storage. So make sure you read them carefully and follow them.

How to Apply For 420 Evaluations Online?

In the United States, medical marijuana is legal in 33 states. You require an MMJ card signed by a medical marijuana doctor to buy, possess and consume cannabis. Each state has its own MMJ qualifying conditions list and you should carefully check marijuana laws before applying for a card. Your doctor will carefully check your condition and may ask you to submit your medical reports for verification purposes.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not safe to visit a doctor’s clinic. Using telemedicine, you can apply for 420 evaluations from home. It’s 100 percent safe. So, avoid extra hassle and get your MMJ recs via email in a few minutes. Here’s the process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online through HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Receive your PDF rec letter in the email instantly

In most cannabis legalized states, an MMJ card is valid for 12 months. And, after that, you need to renew it for another year.

Key Takeaways

Marijuana is perishable, it degrades over time. So, to enjoy the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis, you need to store the buds appropriately to keep them fresh and green.

The major factors affecting the process of degradation are light, air, temperature, and humidity. At higher temperatures, cannabis buds start drying out. On the other hand, lower temperatures can make it harder for THCA to decarboxylate into THC. Moreover, lower temperatures affect the potency of buds or can make the trichomes brittle, thus they can break easily. The ideal temperature for storing cannabis is 70 degrees F.

Moreover, for storing cannabis, keep the relative humidity levels between 59 percent and 63 percent. Anything above 65 percent can increase the risks of mold buildup.

Air-tight glass containers are perfect for storing cannabis buds. They ensure protection from exposure to air and light.

Always purchase high-quality cannabis from licensed dispensaries only. This will help you keep it potent, green for a long time. To access state-licensed dispensaries, apply for your 420 evaluations. Along with accessing medical marijuana legally, you will get other benefits, such as age relaxations, tax saving, and permission to grow your own cannabis plants.