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adminfu April 08, 2020

How to Prevent the Pandemic from Affecting You and Your Cannabis Stock?

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The COVID-19 crisis has crippled the global economy and exacerbated the capital crunch that emerged as soon as the COVID-19 hit major US states. This crisis has also presented us with major operational challenges that will affect most businesses including marijuana businesses deemed essential in some US states. Marijuana businesses such as medical marijuana recommendation, cannabis dispensaries have seen a surge in the past few weeks. However, there are some precautions that we need to take to curb the spread of coronavirus. Particularly, when most cannabis users are stocking up cannabis.

According to Headset’s data, sales of adult-use marijuana have seen a definitive increase in the last few weeks. This means that people are stocking up on marijuana and planning on buying more as most US states have deemed marijuana businesses as essential services. So, whether you’re bulking up on marijuana, growing some inside your home, getting cannabis delivered to your home, or even going out to get some from the licensed state dispensaries, there are some major precautions you need to take to prevent the virus from affecting your cannabis stock.

Prevention Measures While Delivering Cannabis At Home

Specific guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention regarding coronavirus are being closely followed by cannabis retailers and dispensaries. In fact, some are even taking additional preventive measures as people line-up outside dispensaries and even order cannabis online through licensed dispensaries. These precautions include:

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization practices on high-touch surfaces and objects.
  • Frequent hand-washing protocols issued by cannabis deliveries to employees
  • Camera installation to frequently see who enters and leaves the cannabis dispensaries or other facilities.
  • Budtenders wearing gloves and changing them frequently
  • MMJ doctor wearing gloves and masks as preventive measures while consulting patients. Although most rec providers are suggesting people to use telemedicine unless deemed necessary.

In addition, state dispensaries where marijuana services have been deemed essential are taking preventive measures to keep the cannabis products safe. These measures include opening doors for customers wearing gloves, washing surfaces and shelves with disinfectants, and budtenders are no longer allowed to give a sample whiff of the product to the customers. Also, most dispensaries are encouraging people to pre-order cannabis products so that they don’t have to wait in line. And most vitally stores are allowing only a limited number of people in the waiting area. All in all, these are the major precautions that cannabis businesses are taking to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. However, in these crucial times, it is best if more and more people order cannabis online and take these preventive measures.

Home deliveries are safer than a trip to a nearby dispensary

These are tough times and deliveries at home are much safer than a short trip to supermarkets and cannabis dispensaries in this case. The risk factors that we need to be wary of are possible contamination from the surfaces and contamination from delivery officials. Although most dispensaries are taking preventive measures to deliver safe cannabis products. But as a canna user you need to be careful and cautious while taking a delivery package inside your home.

For instance, you can leave a delivery note to the concerned delivery official through the app. Leave instructions like where to leave the package or ask the official to ring the bell wearing gloves while leaving the package a few steps away from the door. Also, to eliminate any chances of keeping the virus away from packed surfaces use diluted household bleach. Bleach will inactivate the virus within minutes and you can safely take the package inside your home.

This is the Best Time to Grow Cannabis At Home

Let’s face it, this is the best time to grow your cannabis at home. But make sure you have a medical marijuana grower license to do so. A medical marijuana grower’s license will help you grow the desired amount of cannabis for medical purposes. You can use the method of telemedicine to speak with your doctor and take advice from your doctor on medical cannabis use for your condition. The process of telemedicine will reduce the chances of you getting by the coronavirus and you can grow the desired strain inside your home.

So, now is the perfect time to get your hands busy and grow the marijuana strain you always wanted to. That’s because cannabis is a fast-growing crop but it will take a little effort and carefulness for you to grow a good-quality marijuana flower. If you are germinating cannabis seeds in the backyard of your home, May is the best month to transfer the seeds outside as the ground will be warm and best for germination. This way they will be able to grow big, tall, and healthy during the fall.

For indoor growers, particularly the ones who have started in March means that they will finish with the cannabis grow by June and July. That’s even more productive and helpful given the pandemic situation in the USA. Also, indoor growing is the best way to ensure that your cannabis crop is not affected by the virus. Home-grown cannabis will also give you a potential yield of one pound dried buds. Enough for both medical and recreational users.

Growing cannabis at home also allows you to stay indoors. This means that you won’t risk the chance of spreading the virus and help the doctors fight this disease. Also, these are testing times. We will all be locked inside our houses. This is the right time to generate new hobbies such as growing marijuana while dealing with isolation.

Clean Your Cannabis Gears

Even though you are currently washing your hands thoroughly and taking care of sanitization, you are likely to touch cannabis equipment and buds with your bare hands. Say you used a grinder and shoved some nugs in it, you are likely to forget how many times you used it and how many times you washed your hands before using it. So, be extra safe because these are testing times and deep clean your grinder every time you use it. This way you will stay at an ease of mind and practice complete sanitization, even while consuming cannabis products.

Besides deep cleaning your grinder, also clean your pipes, dab rigs, and bongs you use as a consumption device. Sanitizing your glass will help you remove any viruses or bacteria that might have gotten inside the glass. Thankfully, when you sanitize glass with cleaning products that contain 70 percent and above alcohol in them. You also kill viruses that stay on the surface like glass for a longer period of time.

Similarly, sanitize all your equipment with alcohol-based cleaners. Clean the mouth of the vaporizer carefully and don’t share marijuana with anyone. At least till the time the pandemic is on the rise. And most vitally, if you have children in the house, keep your cannabis stock inside tightly closed jars and use them carefully. After all, careful consumption will help you keep your cannabis stock intact.

Final Thoughts

As we collectively fight the coronavirus pandemic, you are probably sanitizing everything inside and outside your house. However, amidst all this, your cannabis equipment and cannabis delivered products should not be left alone. So, make sure you follow the above-mentioned guidelines and curb the spread of the COVID-19.