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adminfu June 03, 2020

How to know if you’re consuming too much cannabis?

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Cannabis has induced a wave of positive changes in the state. With a stock of beneficial properties, it has evolved as an effective and much safer option than prescription medicines. It’s important to note that cannabis works best if you take the right dose. Well, a medical marijuana evaluation is a great way to know the right approach towards using cannabis for your health. Having said that there are people who take it in excess and face the unpleasant effects that come with it.

So, is there a way to know if you are taking it in excess?

Well, there is no clear math for it because cannabis produces unique effects in each individual. So, the kind of effects it produces in your body depends on your tolerance and experience you have with cannabis.

Some pointers that you are taking too much cannabis

You are on the verge of getting fired from your job

Are you allowed to use cannabis at work? According to the law, employers have the right to fire or reject applicants if they test positive for using cannabis regardless of their recreational or medicinal status. Well, it depends on the employer if they choose to do that. Even if you are allowed to use cannabis at work, chances are that you are taking too much of it. A good way to know that is if you are having a hard time concentrating at work or missing deadlines because you’re too lazy to do it.

It’s important to note that cannabis works great for the body provided that you are taking the right dose of it. Along with that, you need to take the right kind of strain suited to your needs. For instance, Sativa dominant strains produce uplifting effects and load you with creativity. So, they are best suited for day time use. On the other hand, Indica produces relaxing and sedative effects on your body. So, it’s best for night time use. Either way, if you are having a hard time keeping track of your work that’s probably because you are too high to indulge in anything. And this might be putting you in bad terms with your employer.

Your relationships are sufferin

When was the last time you had a word with your family? You don’t remember it? That’s probably because you are always zoned out in your stoner territory. Does your partner complain that you are not giving them enough time? If you have been noticing a pattern in your behavior that is getting your loved ones worried you might need to introspect. Did you forget to pick up the kids from school or miss your mother’s medical appointment? This clearly shows that you need to take a break.

You don’t have enough money to pay your rent

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this. Let’s accept that paying rent is the hardest thing to do. Even though it’s important most people have a hard time keeping their ends meet. Well, if you are a cannabis user the challenge might be even more evident. That’s because if you are not saving enough, chances are that you are spending too much on cannabis. When you’re high the only thing that keeps you sane is cannabis. Naturally, you are driven to purchase more to keep that excess stock for yourself. Well, you should understand that overdoing it is not helping you in any way.

If you are self-dosing cannabis to manage your condition, it’s better if you get yourself evaluated. If you qualify, you can get a medical marijuana card. Having an MMJ card comes with lots of benefits. One of them is that it helps you save more. That’s because cardholders don’t have to pay tax and can save up to 25% on cannabis expenditure. Now, that’s a great advantage to have and it helps you avoid the excess expenditure.

Get a 420 evaluation to figure out the right dose of cannabis for yourself

Undergoing 420 evaluation is a great way to indulge in the benefits that cannabis offers. The best thing is that it introduces you to certified cannabis doctors who have the knowledge of cannabis to help you figure out the right dose. In order to undergo an evaluation, you need to find the right clinic. In order to do that, just do some research and check which are the best clinics operating in your location. Look for clinics that accept telemedicine appointments. It just makes your job easier because you can access the MMJ card without visiting the clinic.

To ensure the clinic is trustworthy, pay close attention to the certifications. They work as a token of trust that a particular clinic is genuine. When you are sure the clinic checks all the pointers, you can contact them and apply for an evaluation. The reason why I’m stressing on contacting the doctors is that they have can inform you about taking the right strain for your health condition. Along with that, they can help you figure out a dose that works in enhancing your health. If you are confused about finding the right method of ingestion, the doctors can help you figure what’s best for you. Some people are comfortable with smoking while others find taking edibles more feasible. So, having an evaluation introduces you to an ideal cannabis experience without the danger of doing it in excess.

How to dose cannabis safely?

If you are new to using cannabis, it’s important to note that every person has a different tolerance to the herb. Some are seasoned users while others might be just beginners. After your evaluation, you need to stick to the dose that the doctors advised you to take. That’s important because the dose doctors advise you is based on your health analysis. So, you need to ensure you are within the limits. Along with that, figure out which delivery method works best for you. If smoking makes you feel intoxicated, try edibles. But be careful because edibles produce delayed results. So, you might ingest too much to see a visible effect on you. It’s important that you pay attention to the doctor’s advice to indulge in the best benefits of cannabis,

I’m sure you know the signs of consuming excess cannabis. If you can relate to any of the points, it’s high time that you administer your dose and take the right approach towards using cannabis. Get a medical marijuana card and indulge in the benefit it offers. That’s surely a better choice!