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adminfu June 26, 2020

How to Grow Cannabis at Home in Less than $200?

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The cannabis market is booming. And given the fact that the plant has so many health benefits to offer us, it’s not really surprising. The number of people using cannabis as a medicine is all-time high now. However, there is one problem- the herb isn’t easily accessible to everyone.

But there are so many cannabis dispensaries all over. Then how come this problem?

Well, cannabis dispensaries are easily accessible in most states. However, there are still some places where people have to travel long distances to get their cannabis supplies. And this, sometimes, doesn’t seem worth it. Sometimes, for just a single ounce of marijuana people have to pay as high as $250. And while a recreational user may not mind this, for a medicinal user, this may be a very big issue.

Are you too one of those facing this problem?

Well, we have a solution! Why don’t you try growing cannabis yourself?

I’m not joking! Cannabis growing has become a lot easy now. All you need is some good quality seeds and a few decent equipment, and you are good to go.

But what about its cost? Ohh! You don’t need to worry about that too. Growing your own marijuana is a lot cheaper than you think. In fact, you can start in less than $200 (apart from the cost of a medical marijuana grower license, obviously).

But how?

Here’s a guide for you.

Things you Need

To grow cannabis at your home, you need a basic setup that will include:

  • A small place to grow
  • Seeds
  • Grow medium
  • Grow lights
  • A container
  • Nutrients

Apart from the above essential things, you may also get:

  • A circulation fan
  • Timer for the lights
  • Thermostat and Hygrometer combined set

A lot of people consider a fan an essential thing. But that depends on the circumstances.

Along with the above things, you may also get a small tent. However, this may extend your $200 budget. Now, let’s see how you can divide your budget among all the above-mentioned things.


The biggest mistake a cannabis newbie may make while growing cannabis is to try to save on seeds. But you should note that this is the area where you should never try to cut corners. And the reason, you can probably figure out yourself.

If you want your garden to shine, you can’t do it without good quality seeds. And so, shouldn’t even try. Always look for seeds that are of good quality. If you are getting a deal, great! But if not, don’t downgrade your standard here.

You may go for auto-flowering seeds as they don’t usually take more than ten weeks to grow completely and become ready for the harvest. This way, you may save on nutrients and electricity.

If you are buying seeds for the first time, you may look online. There are several stores that may sell you three seeds for as little as $29. And for subsequent cycles, you can learn plant cloning.

Plant Containers

The first thing you need to keep in mind here is that you will need multiple containers of different sizes for the different stages of the plant. And secondly, the size of the container also depends on the type of plant you are growing. In general, auto-flowering plants doesn’t require more than 1.5 to 2.5-gallon container when they mature. But if you are growing a regular plant, you may need a pot with at least 5-gallon capacity, or maybe even more for the flowering stage.

On an average, the total cost of the containers will go around $5 max.

Grow Lights

Ask any experienced grower, and he can talk for hours about the importance of grow lights for cannabis plants. And this makes it yet another thing that pays you to invest in.

If you ask us, we recommend you go for LED lights. Though they are a bit expensive, you can save on electricity. Furthermore, these lights provide you a better light spectrum. And this may help your plants grow better. However, if you don’t want to invest too much, you can always go for HID or HPS lights.

While choosing a grow light, you should also think about how big your grow place is. On an average, autos yield around 500 gms per meter square. And in general, one gram of cannabis needs one watt to thrive.

You may easily find HPS light of 600 watts for approximately $85. But if you are tight on budget, you may find a 150 watts light in around $70.

Grow Medium

A grow medium is also a very important part of the cannabis growing. And thus, you should only buy a high-quality potting mix. Luckily, the standard soil that we usually use in our gardens has quite enough nutrients for the cannabis plants. And so, you can use it without any problems.

In general, for a one-gallon container, two quarts is quite sufficient. And you don’t need to spend more than $20 for a 16 quarts pack.

Plant Nutrients

“Should you spend money on plant nutrients when you already have a high-quality soil?”

This has been a topic of debate for the past many years. And the verdict is still missing. However, what if your buds start showing nutrition deficiency? You will probably regret not investing in nutrients. And so, you should keep them handy.

There are several options you may choose from online. And you won’t have to spend more than $10 to $20 here.

Any Other Things

As we mentioned before, there are a few equipment that aren’t really essential. However, you may invest in them as they may help you make your final harvest even more successful. For instance, an air circulation fan can help you keep the temperature of your growing space in control. Also, as your plants transpire on a daily bases, they need fresh air. And a fan may ensure a continuous flow of the air in the room.

A timer for your grow lights may help you become a bit relaxed. You can set it once, and then you don’t need to worry about the lighting very frequently.

A Thermostat and Hygrometer set can also help you keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of the place. This way you can try to keep these in between the ideal range.

But if you are short on cash, we recommend you don’t buy them new. Instead, go for second hands. You may find all these equipment in less than $40 if you do some research.

That was all you need to start growing your own cannabis at home. And now, if we calculate the total cost, it goes around $199 maximum. Do you still think growing marijuana is costly? I think not. And if so, you should start your own cannabis garden now.

You may even apply for a medical marijuana grower license if you want to take this hobby of yours to the next level. Just talk to a qualified medical marijuana doctor, and get it delivered in your email box in just 10 minutes! Happy Growing!