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adminfu March 04, 2020

CBD and Beauty Products: What is The Latest Scoop?

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CBD and Beauty Products: The relationship between CBD and the beauty industry is strengthening with every passing year. All thanks to big brands like Sephora investing in CBD as a skincare ingredient. Recently, Sephora announced that it will be devoting its time and effort to go deeper into the CBD industry. After all, the cannabis industry is no longer only about medical marijuana recommendation or MMJ doctor.

It has successfully stepped into the fashion industry and now it is partnering with small and big cannabis companies in order to sell products as legitimate beauty compounds.

In fact, last week Sephora announced that they have set a beauty standard and will be looking forward to ensuring that all the CBD products are safe and of high quality, available at the CBD store. 

Sephora: The First Company to Set Standards on CBD Products

Many companies sell CBD beauty products. You can Google CBD beauty products and you will come across a list of sunscreens, face masks, and a lot more.

However, the interesting fact is that Sephora has decided to invest in CBD products but keeping in mind the beauty standards people look for. And the good news is, this development will give them an upper hand over the rest of the competitors. 

Simply put, we all know that marijuana is illegal on the federal level despite its legalization on the state level. This means that there are certain loopholes in the entire structure.

Nevertheless, to stay away from all the grey areas within the law Sephora has announced to take this new development very seriously.

All in all, Sephora is trying to build trust and assurance among the customers who are new to CBD skin care products. 

Sephora and Its Partnerships

There are many CBD brands out there in the market and since the concept of CBD skin care products is new. In my personal opinion, most of the skincare or make-up brands will be looking forward to delving deeper into cannabis and its components.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough proof to prove the substantiality of marijuana effectiveness. Nevertheless, most of the American population is still using CBD products to enhance their overall health.

Which by the way is a debate for another day? For now, let us stick to Sephora and its interest in CBD skin care products. 

Now, Sephora expanded its partnership with Saint Jane, Lord Jane, and Flora + Bast. These CBD product selling companies have long reigned the market and sold their products in different locations around the world.

Not only this, but Sephora also partnered with Prima recently and most of these companies sell their beauty products online.

So, these are the partnerships that Sephora currently has on its plate. I think in the near future we will be looking at more partnerships and bigger beauty brands taking hold of the CBD skincare industry. 

Sephora And CBD Regulations

I think it is quite fitting to say that Sephora’s partnership means that everyone will be eyeing on the regulations surrounding marijuana’s use. But like I said earlier, it all comes down to stores and beauty brands investing in CBD beauty products.

After all, at the end of the day, it is up to these brands how they decide to face the challenges on the regulatory front.

As of now, you can stay relaxed and use CBD beauty and skincare products because we have heard nothing on CBD regulations yet. In fact, many retailers will be following Sephora’s footsteps after this initiative.

So, watch out for all the CBD skincare and beauty products that shelve Sephora physical and online stores this year. 

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