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adminfu July 14, 2020

7 Things You Need To Learn About Cannabis Edibles

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Since the legalization of medical cannabis in 33+ states, the cannabis industry has gone through several changes. Some might say that more and more people have joined the cannabis community. While others will be satisfied with cannabis’s changed reputation- from drug to a medicine. However, illegality still remains a major issue. Despite medical marijuana patients using 420 evaluations to get a medical marijuana card and purchase high-quality medical cannabis products, it is still illegal on the federal level. This means that there are regulatory bodies that still consider marijuana as a harmful drug. 

However, it is also vital to understand that state laws vary across states and you have to abide by the laws in order to avail different types of cannabis products. Be it an edible for recreational purposes or a CBD oil for alleviating the symptoms of chronic pain. For whatever reason, you are using cannabis right now make sure you go through your state cannabis laws first. Also, for updates on how you can use cannabis edibles safely keep scrolling below. In this post, we will talk about handling the high associated with edibles and what you can do to stay on the right track. 

1 Start With A Small Dose

There’s a reason why people keep saying excess of everything is bad. If you overdose on THC you will certainly experience the side effects. Those can be in the form of hallucinations, nausea, and even vomiting. This is to say that consuming excessive amounts of THC or CBD is not good for your health. In fact, consuming anything in excessive amounts has its own side effects. So, cannabis edibles are no different. You have to make sure that you start small. And by small I mean 5mg of cannabis per serving. 

Starting small will enable you to experience the pleasant side of edibles. But trust me. When it happens you will feel elated, relaxed, and calm at the same time. So, do not consume three pieces of brownie infused with cannabis because you couldn’t see the effects. Give it time because edibles digested before the cannabis components start flowing through your blood into your body and mind. Interestingly, the entire process can take up to 3 hours or sometimes even four hours. This is why you need to keep a check on your cannabis dose

2 An Edible High Is Different

Just like marijuana profits are engineered to meet the requirements of the people, so is the high associated with each product. You see medical marijuana users consume CBD so that they can alleviate the symptoms of pain without feeling high. On the other hand, recreational users consume cannabis to feel high in order to relax and stay calm. This also states that all highs are different. A smoke high will reach your blood plasma and the effects will be instantaneous, but not long-lasting or powerful. However, when you consume an edible, the components of cannabis will be metabolized by the liver. This chemical reaction will cause a bigger and more powerful impact. So, when you finally feel the effects of an edible, depending on the amount you have consumed, the effects will last as long as 12 hours.     

3 Choose Your Edible Carefully 

A medical marijuana doctor can provide a recommendation to patients who are medically not fit. However, recreational users have to be mindful of everything they buy and consume. You will find tons of edibles on the top shelves of cannabis stores and dispensaries. From cannabis-infused gummy bears to granola bars and cannabis filled hummus. There are a variety of cannabis edibles out there. The only difference is that cannabis-infused cookies and candies are taken orally. This means they will metabolize through the liver. Whereas edibles in the form of sublingual strips and gums will take effect through the saliva. You will get high quickly, but the effect may not be as powerful as the latter. So, choosing edibles to receive the desired effect is also a personal choice. You must make the right and smart choice.  

4 Eat Before You Swallow A Cannabis Edible 

I will tell you why it is vital to eat before consuming food. You see when you eat something on an empty stomach, it causes the stomach to throw everything into your body. This means that if you drink alcohol, your gastrointestinal tract will produce a powerful chemical reaction. You will feel high very quickly and things can become a little messy if you keep drinking on an empty stomach. Similarly, in the case of cannabis edibles, you have to eat something at least three hours before you grab a cannabis edible. But that doesn’t mean that cannabis and alcohol work in the same way. They are indeed different and the only thing that you need to keep in mind – The effects of edibles will be normal if you eat something a few hours before edibles consumption.  

5 Get Edibles From A Trustworthy Source

The marijuana industry still markets a few products illegally at a higher price. And the bad news is, there’s no guarantee of such products. The quality may be compromised and you can’t even get such products tested in a lab. However, getting cannabis from a trustworthy source can help you witness the desired results. For the same, you can first get 420 evaluations from a licensed doctor and then purchase THC products from state-licensed dispensaries. Ideally, a licensed dispensary will enable you to buy cannabis products with high potency and durability. So, be smart and always check the source. Also, ensure that you check the label of the product to find out how much THC it contains. 

6 Consume Edibles In A Safe Place

If you are a novice edible user, do not consume edibles alone. Make sure that you are surrounded by someone trustworthy or a close friend with cannabis experience. Also, choose a place that is comfortable and calm. You can Netflix and chill with your friends in your living room. Or else hang out at a friend’s place with a comfortable couch. After all, plummeting into the sofa with a bowl of your favorite munchies is the only way to find eternal bliss. 

7 Keep Your Edibles Out Of Children’s Reach

If you haven’t noticed, cannabis edibles such as gummies and candies are quite similar to the candies your kid eats. So, keeping your candies out in the open can be a huge problem. Especially for people who have children and pets in the house. And for a good reason, you see, the gummies and cookies are food items infused with cannabis. So, a small child can easily confuse one for a normal cookie. This is why it is your responsibility to keep the edibles away from the sight and reach of children.